My Breasts Are Two Weeks Old and I Am Experiencing Pain in my Right Breast?

Today my breasts are two weeks old. I am experiencing burning dull stabbing pains in the bottom right of my right breast. Is this normal? It comes and goes. Should I take Arnica? Is there something that speeds up the recovery process? Thanks experts.

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It can be normal but check with your siurgeon

Some patients report similar type of pain after breast augmentation procedure. This pain is on the come and go basis and does not last for a long time. At this stage of recovery it is quite normal to have this type of sensation as long as the pain does not increase in intensity and length. Please schedule a follow up visit with your surgeon to make sure recovery is going well. If you have any questions and concerns it is always best to check with your provider who did your procedure. Do not hesitate. Questions are always welcome at my practice.

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Pain after breast augmentation

The pain you describe is very common after breast augmentation.  Many times the pain seems to increase as the patients become more active.  You should feel free to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS
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My Breasts Are Two Weeks Old and I Am Experiencing Pain in my Right Breast?

All I can offer is that it is quite common to have discomfort this early after surgery. If you want useful reassurance that nothing is wrong, better to call your surgeon who knows you, knows what was done, and has followed your recovery. Regards. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Pain in breast

It is common to be in pain after breast augmentation surgery and it could be nerve regeneration. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon, though, just in case. It may be a good idea to see your surgeon to make sure nothing serious is going on.

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Pain after breast augmentation

Pain after breast augmentation is common it all depends upon the severity.  Best to be evaluated in person to see what the potential cause is.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Probably right handed

Most of my patients start "over doing it" around 2 weeks as they feel better, look better and are getting back into their normal activity. I clear my patients to use NSAIDs (Motrin or Aleve) at 2 weeks and encourage scar and implant massage which although may be sore during massage actually makes it feel better thereafter. Talk with your surgeon.

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Is pain 2 weeks after breast augmentation normal?

You just had breast implant surgery 2 weeks ago. It is not uncommon to have some intermittent pain at this point. This will get better as you heal. If you have worsening pain or discomfort that becomes constant, then you should make a follow up appointment with your surgeon to address your concerns. With regard to Arnica, some surgeons recommend its use to prevent bruising, some do not. At this point, I don't think there is any benefit in starting it. Your bruising should be nearly resolved by now. Thank you for sharing your concerns and question. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
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