Masseter Botox Injection?

Hi. I'm 36 and just had second lot of botox to masseter. It did take me about 4-5 months after first treatment for the second lot, as I was busy. i was told because I waited so long, (should come every 3 months), that need to begin a new treatment of 3 rounds of botox to the masseter muscles again, every 3 months. I couldn't tell any improvement on my first treatment, but was told to wait for 3rd treatment. Also i had 15 units ea side where I read online it should be 25 units ea side. pls help.

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Masseter Injection - 25 Units every 3 Months

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     25 units of Botox per side every 3 months will reduce the muscle bulk after several months to a year. 

Botox and masseter reduction

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Consulting with a well-trained and experienced provider should give you the required information and education needed to understand this process. It sounds like you are currently undertreated for significant reduction.

Masseter Muscle Reduction with Botox - Slow and Sure .

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be patient, it will take several sessions of masster muscle Botox sessions before you see results over 6-12 months. It is expensive, slow and it will surely give you a pleasing result when all is said and done. Be patient.

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Masseters and Botox

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The dosage of Botox for the masseter muscles depends on the strength of the muscles.  25-40 units per side may be required.  Often 2 treatments are necessary and the results may then last for a year or longer.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Botox to jaw muscles

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Typically I recommend patients come about every 3-4 months and I inject about 25 units per side, depending on the person. The purpose of returning sooner is to not allow the muscle to return to baseline. There's not a specific regimen necessarily and I wouldn't say you did anything wrong by waiting a bit longer. It also depends on how the Botox is diluted for the number of units used. See how your treatment progresses and next time return at about 3 months to see your injector. Ask him/her about the unit dilution and the number of units used. You simply may just not have needed 25 units per side. Every patient is different!

Massager atrophy

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When I perform masseter Botox on patients, I typically use about 25 units per side, but it really depends on the strength and thickness of the masseter.  Some patients require more or less.  It does require a few treatments, usually at 3-4 month intervals to see appropriate atrophy of the masseter.

Masseter and Botox

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Yes, injection of Botox to the masseter will require several treatments for the masseter to atrophy a bit and show a noticeable difference.

Botox for Masseter

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Hi Ysic.  We are not nearly as structured as your injector, but we do tell our patients to expect to come at least 3 times per year and we use 25 units in each cheek for a treatment.  If you are coming less often or do not use the 25 units, your results may suffer.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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