Laser Tattoo Removal 4th Appt? (photo)

This week I had my 4th appointment and noticed that the practitioner finished quicker than normal. The immediate redness and swelling was not consistent with my previous treatments. It looks like she has missed nearly half of my tattoo, or the machine has malfunctioned. The left looks like it normally does following a treatment, but the right side looks totally different... What are you're thoughts?

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Was Complete Treatment Done - Tattoo Removal Los Angeles?

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Hi 80766.  It does appear that you had a difference response to the treatment on your right side than on the left.  There are several reasons this is possible.

1.  It could be that the ink on each side is slightly different and if so, it might be responding differently at this point.  

2.  As you suggested, the treatment may not have been complete.

3.  As you suggested, there may be something wrong with the laser and it may have been losing power toward the end.

Your best bet is to go review concerns with your practitioner and see what they say.  Good luck.

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