Forehead Dysport Outcome is a Joke?

I normally have 3 areas of Dysport but my forehead was missed & at the time I wasn't aware of it. I made another appointment & showed my dr all the lines on my forehead. He claimed the Dysport hadn't been forgotten & I had the "natural look". Surely my forehead and all the lines is proof that my forehead was missed. My doctor will not fix my forehead. I do not think I should have to walk around with the "natural look" with my forehead when I have paid $800 for 3 areas of Dysport. What can I do?

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An entire area was skipped during treatment?

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Your doctor should have an accurate note for what areas were treated and with what dosage. It's your right to have a copy of these and examine your records for accuracy. Personally I do not charge by the area, but rather by the units. This ensures that patients get the number of units they pay for, rather than a sliding scale for what one person's area may be vs. another person's area.

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