Correction of Tuberous or Constricted Breasts?

Correction of "Tuberous" or "Constricted" breasts seems to be an area which most clinics' websites avoid, how can I shortlist surgeons for consultation when I have little idea of their experience in this situation? Are there drastic or marginal differences in the procedure which need to be considered for such a correction versus a straight-forward BA, and what are those differences?

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Tuberous breasts

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Tuberous breasts range from a mild form which may be relatively easily corrected by a straight forward breast augmentation, to a severe form that may require staged surgery involving mastopexy (uplift) or reduction techniques as well as augmentation.

Depending on how breasts look currently, and how you would like them to look, determines what surgery you may be offered.  This sounds obvious but it is very important.  Surgery needs to be tailored to you and there is not one approach that suits everyone, particularly with regard to tuberous breasts.

My advice would be to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon who can give you some personalised information that can help you make your decisions.


Correction of constricted or tuberous breast is fairly straightforward.

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Correction of a constricted breast, if breast augmentation is involved, is fairly straightforward. A sub glandular pocket is created in the base of the breast is released. It is then draped over the breast implant whereupon the breasts assume the diameter of the breast implant.

Tuberous breast correction

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The procedure to correct tuberous breasts can vary and depends on the severity of the tuberous breasts, from simply a constricted fold causing a mildly protuberant nipple and areola to a larger and inferiorly positioned areola.  Pictures would be helpful - we often will be able to direct you to an appropriate picture on the website in this manner.


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THE  TUBEROUS  SINDROME    BREAST    IS a  MALFORMATION   OF  BREAST    DURING  its development  wich  consists   in  rounded constricted rings   around    the  breast   tissue   that   gives  it  a   tubular  shape   associated     with  areola nipple   complex protuberant and   bigger  than   usual .hypotrophy  of  breast   tissue ,   and    apparance  of    saggy or  pseutposis breast .   Every certified   plastic   surgeon  is  in the    capacity   to   make   the   correction  of    this  condition     wich   varies   depending   on the    degrees   or  number  of    malformation  presented   .Mostly  of   the  time    is  simply corrected  by  internal  radiation    of the whole   breast  tissue in order   to break  the    constricted  rings obtaning    a  rounded  breast  instead   of   tubular shape ,   and      agumentation    with    breast  implants  .

Cynthia Disla, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Tuberous breast deformity correction is not simple Breast augmentation

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Tuberous breast deformity has several key features 1. Narrow breast base, 2. Higher breast fold, 3.  Under develop breast tissue in different areas of the breast, 4. And most importantly, protrusion of breast tissue through a tight ring around the areolar. The deformity vary in severity. What is the treatment for tuberous breast deformity? A successful treatment for tuberous breast depends on the correct diagnosis of the condition. It is not simply solved with placement of a breast implant. Failure to recognize the condition could result in severe deformity after a breast augmentation. In mild to moderate cases, the surgical correction could be accomplish in one stage which involves lowering the inframammary fold, releasing the tight constriction band around the areolar, placement of an implant under the breast tissue, and narrowing  the nipple areolar complex. In severe cases, the surgical correction may require 2 stage approach.


Mytien Goldberg, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Correction of tuberous breasts

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Tuberous, or constricted, breasts develop when the bottom portion of the breast doesn't develop at the same degree as the rest of the breast. As a result the breast can push forward in a tube, or tuberous, type of pattern. It can vary in severity. Correction can be difficult but usually includes placing an implant directly beneath the breast gland rather than beneath the muscle. The under surface of the gland also generally needs additional work to get it to release. Finally the newer Natrelle 410 implants are felt to improve the overall results. Sometimes the areola needs to be reduced in order to treat any herniation which may be present. Most experienced Plastic surgeons should be able to help you.

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