Congenial Ptosis Any Hope, After 3 Surgeries? (photo)

Hi everyone i'm Ej 30 years old from Italy but currently living in Australia. I was born with a congenital ptosis and is needles say how this has drastically changed my life. I had three surgeries so far and unfortunately with no too much result and a lot of pain and disappointmens. Still hoping that someone can say me, i can help you! Thanks

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Congenital ptosis

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Congenital ptosis can be a difficult problem to correct. In fact, if the levator muscle is very weak, the best any surgeon can do is to perform frontalis sling operation so that the patient can use his/her forehead muscle to assist in lifting the eyelid.  Looking at your photo, improvement can be made to elevate your eyelid but you have to be realistic about your situation and not expect perfection because latter is not possible.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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