Confused Not Happy with my Breast Implants Results, should I Complain? (photo)

had breast implants done 3 months ago, started off a AAcup,335 implanted Subpectoral plane under the muscle. ps said 335cc will make me full c to d,they r not fulling on top,wide apart,feel like the scar is way too below im not a professional but i really dislike my results i feel like i didnt even get breast implants! i had nothing before but i really thought ill have a different outcome to the look of them round high up and fullness on top instead of 1 bigger then the other my nipples feel low too. should I wait to see my PS since I'm unhappy?

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Not Happy With My Augmentation

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I know it's difficult, but try to keep in mind that everyone is different so healing times will vary.  Your breasts can continue to change and settle more up to 6 months so being that you are only 3 months post-op, try to be patient a little longer.  Continue to follow your surgeon's post-op instructions and make sure to let your surgeon know your concerns during your follow up visits.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting up a follow up visit to talk to your surgeon about your concerns.  During that visit, your surgeon should be able to explain the healing process more clearly and if necessary, develop a plan that you are both comfortable with for revisionary surgery.  Best of luck!

Breast augment dissatisfaction

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I have to say that the two photos on the right do not look identical with those on the left and I would like to know when each set was taken.  On the whole, this is a reasonable result and you should try to be patient and allow things to settle down more. Change in body image and issues with the scar can take quite a while to abate. Best wishes.

Breast augmentation

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At first your right one was slwo to come down, but it is almost there.  It may never be exactly like the other one because my guess is that it was slightly narrower and tighter than the left.

Unhappy with breast implants

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There is great wisdom in some of the advice here.

First, many of the 'problems' you are encountering have to occur the way they did.  Implants that are not centered on the nipple will appear odd, or could cause a whole set of problems on their own.

It is recommended to see your plastic surgeon and discuss in detail each and every area of concern.  You may find that at the end of this consultation, the things that bother you are not worth fixing.

The practices of many of us have patients who continually sought elusive perfection, and ended up with disasters.  When these patients look back at their many surgeries, there was a point they would love to return to, but can't.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy after breast implants

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Your photos actually looks quite well and your result is likely to improve over the next six months. Your nipple is not too low and you probably have come a long way from a AA though preop photos would be more telling. Would a larger implant have worked out for you? Photos and ideas brought to your surgeon might help there. You can let your surgeon know you are disappointed but communication before surgery has the best impact.

Concern about breast augment results

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It is unclear from your photos timing and order. If you are unhappy, you need to address your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon's goal truly is to make you happy. You can also schedule a second opinion with another Board-certified plastic surgeon in your area - found at - to have another set of eyes. It's best to see you in person. Best of luck!

Don't be too critical of a good result after breast augmentation.

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There are some minor issues described with the provided photographs. On balance, the result looks good. If the breasts are reasonably symmetrical and soft, I would steer clear of revisional surgery.

Confused And Unhappy With Breast Implants

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Although you are 3 months post-op it can take up to 6 months for the implants to "fall" into the appropriate position and may not necessarily settle at the same rate. In the photos provided it would appear as though the right implant is slightly elevated. You want to post a set of pre-operative pictures, as they would be extremely helpful to allow for a pre and post comparison.

I typically will ask my patients to bring pictures of what they would consider the "perfect" breasts. When you speak of cup size this leaves quite a bit up to interpretation. You can have 2 bras same maker, size, style, etc. and they will not fit the same.

I would recommend to begin massaging, if not already doing so. Also continue to closely follow up with your plastic surgeon. Make sure to communicate your concerns with them as they are in the best position to guide you through your post-operative recovery.

Thank you for the question and the pictures provided. Again, consider adding pre-operative photos to your posting. Best of luck.

3 Months after IMF Breast Augmentation

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   As all have mentioned, preoperative photographs are necessary to draw any conclusions.   I would encourage aggressive massage to the right breast to encourage the implant to drop.  If the implant has not dropped by 6 months or if this is early capsular contracture, then a breast revision may be performed to lower the implant.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Results from Breast Augmentation

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This is hard to answer without seeing the before photos.  You should discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon.  He may want to do some type of revision. 

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