Can Cohesive Gels Cause Granulomas to Affect Calcium and Vitamin D Levels?

Hi, my breasts have a few little hard lumps (the size and shape of small bits of rock salt) in them. Do granulomas feel like that? I got cohesive gels in 1996 and they developed capsular contracture (grade 3) a few years later. Recently my Dr told me I have idiopathic hypercalciuria and elevated 125 vit D levels, which led to osteopenia. I'm wondering if cohesive gel implants can cause granulomas and could that affect my calcium and vit D levels like sarcoidosis granulomas do? Thanks.

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Implants and diseases

The link between implants and causation of disease has never been proven.  The Institute of Medicine published a consensus of studies back in 2000 confirming no link. 

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Gel implants and calcium issues

Gel implants do not cause problems with your blood calcium or vitamin D levels.  It is not related. Sorry.

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Can Cohesive Gels Cause Granulomas to Affect Calcium and Vitamin D Levels?

When granulomas occur with leaking gel implants, they are typically in the capsule, often making the capsule rather firm like a thick eggshell, not usually as discreet nodules.

With sarcoid it is the primary disease that seems to cause alternations in calcium and vitamin D metabolism, not the granulomas. I am not aware of any relationship of silicone implants and these sorts of problems. Your endocrine specialist would be a better resource.

All the best. 

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