Bumpy Scar On Tip Of Nose? (photo)

I have a scar on the tip of my nose from being bandaged after a rhinoplasty, I was unknowingly allergic to the sticky plaster and small deep wound resulted. The doctor gave me a free year of laser (ablative and non) scar revision as well as needling etc, but parts are still really puffy and noticable. I've heard of Dermapen micro needling and was wondering if that might help, as it occasionally goes red and raised for no reason, there are also quite deep pores in it. Rhinoplasty was in 2009

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Scarring of the nasal tip after rhinopasty

At this point I would suggest a more aggressive treatment such as dermabrasion. Properly performed, dermabrasion should level your skin and decrease the contour problem the scar has left you with. This can safely be done in the office, and can be repeated if needed.

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