I'm currently 4 weeks post op for a rhinoplasty procedure and not happy with the results.

The tip of my nose was intended to be lifted and shortened and feel it looks the same and there has been no change.

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No change at four weeks

Hi Daniella.  Four weeks is early and without pictures it's hard to say.  However often the nose will remain close to its old shape until it can adapt to the underlying new shape, which in my experience can take anywhere from a few weeks to over a year! Could this be the case with you?  Have you seen your surgeon to express your concerns? Most of the time you have to wait until the new nose comes through.
I hope this helps

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Post op rhinoplasty

I totally understand your concerns but at 4weeks it is way too early to make final assumptions, especially with the tip.
Please send through photos which will help.
I hope this helps and good luck

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Hi DaniellaWhilst it is common to start seeing the results of a rhinoplasty at about the 2 week mark, at 4 weeks it is way too early to make any judgements about the long term result. There will still be marked swelling which can take many months to completely settle and then skin needs time to shrink and conform to the underlying cartilage refinements made by your surgeon.  Give is some time and patience.RegardsDamien

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