One week post 2nd breast augmentation, is this a double bubble? (Photos)

I had my first breast augmentation and started of as an 8AA cup, so an extremely flat chest and got 330 cc extra high profile implants. One week ago I underwent my second surgery of 470cc implants extra high profile. I understand it's the early stages however worried a double bubble is forming. Photos are attached

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Double bubble

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Hi Teganleigh24
Yes, that is a mild double bubble - caused by the fibrous attachments of the lower part of your breast gland to the overlying skin. At 1 week it is too early to tell if your implants will stretch this out. The more cohesive (firmer) your implants are, the more likely that the implant will win the stretch competition with your skin.
If this does not work out, fat transfer into the area often fills out the dimple in the skin.
Good Luck
Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Double bubble worries

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It does appear to have the shape of a double bubble.  However, the formation is caused by the tight tissue in the fold of the breast.  As the implant stretches out the tissues over the new shape the tight area should relax with time and the double bubble improve or completely resolve.  At two weeks its still too early to be worried.  Don't get stressed about it now.  Talk to your surgeon and hopefully they can reassure you as well.  You will likely start some massage and then try to practice a lot of patience.  Hang in there and be reassured that this will likely improve in the following 6 months or so, just realize it can take months to improve and it will be a slow improvement over time.  Best wishes!

Levi J. Young, MD
Overland Park Plastic Surgeon
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