Wanting to get rid of my mummy tummy and stretch marks what is the difference between a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck?

25 years old, female, Height 5'5 weight 58kg healthy athletic mother. After losing pregnancy weight i am left with a flabby pouch exercise wont get rid of it! What is the best procedure to get rid of the excess flab/skin and remove my stretch marks? Thanks

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Mini v full abdoplasty

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Hi. Good question. You are correct that you could gave either.  The main difference is that a mini has a shorter scar and no scar around the umbilicus. The muscle repair is the same. Most patients with your degree of skin laxity would be disappointed with a mini. A full abdoplasty will have a longer scar but will remove much more skin so you will therefore be tighter afterwards. The trade off is that you can see the scar around the umbilicus. Regards. Damien

Difference between mini- and full tummy tuck

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Your question is a GOOD one and one that is asked every day in my practice. The mini-tummy tuck was originally intended for women who had laxity or a "pooch" only in the part of the tummy below the navel. Because you have very lax skin on the entire abdominal surface, a traditional tummy tuck is the more appropriate choice. It will allow your surgeon to trim away the loose skin, flatten the convex shape of your tummy and remove any lingering adipose tissue from the adjacent flanks. Be certain to consult a Board Certified plastic surgeon who can demonstrate plenty of photos and examples of his/her work with women who have had the same or similar problems.

Mini tummy tuck or tummy tuck

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Based solely on your photos, you look as if you could go either way. The differences have to do with how much skin needs to be removed. And obviously, there is a longer scar with a full tummy tuck. I would suggest that you be assessed in person by a board certified plastic surgeon in your area (link below). Best, Dr. Nazarian

Mini vs Full Abdominoplasty

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Hi! Thank you for your question. A variety of tummy tucks are available. Patients who only need a tightening of the abdominal muscles or removal of a small amount of skin may be best treated with a “mini-tuck.” Patients who have undergone massive weight loss, on the other hand, will probably require more extensive surgery.
An abdominoplasty is usually done under general anesthesia. An incision is made along the lower abdomen at about the pubic hair line, and another incision is made around the belly button which stays attached to the muscle.
Mini-abdominoplasty tightens the lower abdominal wall and skin below the umbilicus, belly button, only (shortest scar).
Modified abdominoplasty addresses conditions where just the muscle wall or just the abdominal skin requires repair.
Standard abdominoplasty tightens all of the abdominal wall skin and muscles above and below the belly button. The scar can be altered or lowered to be hidden by most panty lines and bathing suits. (Standard scar).
Extended abdominoplasty tightens the abdomen and the flanks or sides (longest scar extending around the flanks onto lower back.)
A general anesthetic is most common, although mini-tucks may be done with local anesthetic and intravenous sedation. A standard abdominoplasty is generally an outpatient procedure, but extended abdominoplasty may require a short hospitalization of 1–2 days.

My suggestion is to visit a PS and discuss your desires and be evaluated to determine which surgery is best for you. Best Wishes!

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Wanting to get rid of my mummy tummy and stretch marks what is the difference between a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck?

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I think that a short scar tummy tuck will remove about twice as much skin with the same length scar and would produce a better result.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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