Do waist compression garments help reduce tension on TT scars?

2 weeks post tummy tuck I'm still wearing 2 compression wraps (1 higher overlapping a second lower). I've read pros and it seems debatable how much they help post tummy tuck, but can't find any comments re my question. I would of thought they might?

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Tummy tucks and garments

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Hi there Mummyuplift,
The reason you will find nothing written about the long term benefits of wearing a garment is because there are no studies that have looked at that question.
It is unlikely that they would make a difference to the longterm result.
The main benefit is short term in that they can control or reduce swelling and also most patients find them to be comfortable in the immediate post operative period.
Generally your surgeon will be best placed to tell you when you can stop wearing your garment. The main determinant for me is how much liposuction i have done as this can cause quite a bit of swelling.
My general time frame is around 3 weeks but often at that time patients still want to keep wearing the garment because it is comfortable for them, but often by that stage the benefit will be minimal.
In summary it really depends if you feel it is still helping with swelling, but as to whether there are long term benefits - I don't think so.

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