Upper Eyelid Fat Excision (photos)

Hi,I want to ask a question about my upper eyemid. I think my upper eyelid is too heavy for an Asian, and because myopia, it result eyeball is a bit bulgy,it results exophthalmos, so the shape of my eyes looks weird,I don't really know what to do about it. And because of different race, their sharp of eyes are difference, so which surgery is suit for me? like, levator palpebrae or upper eyelid fat excision. I want to take the surgery in Melbourne. Looking forward to your reply,thank you.

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Fat removal during Asian upper eyelid surgery

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Fat removal during Asian upper eyelid surgery. I think it be a terrible idea for you to remove any fat from the upper eyelids. With the slight exophthalmos that you have if you remove that from the upper eyelids it may do nothing to  decompress the eyes. In fact it would probably make the upper eyelids look hollow and eventually give you multiple creases and folds and make you look older. If the appearance of your eyes being so prominent really bothers you you should have your thyroid checked, look for graves disease, and if needed consider an orbital  decompression. What I see is a pair of very pretty eyes I think you should be very careful about doing any surgery on your eyes. I could be wrong since I have not physically damaged but I really think at this stage removing fat and skin will be a bad move for the health of your eyes and cosmetically. 

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