Deflated breasts, want to avoid a lift due to hypertrophic scarring, can I get fullness with Breast Implants alone? (photos)

I have previously had naturally large DD-F cup breasts. Whilst breastfeeding my cup went up to G cup. I'm now a deflated D-DD cup and would like to be a F cup again. I believe I have a Grade 2 ptosis. I would prefer to avoid a lift as I suffer with hypertrophic scars. I'm seeking opinion on whether I could get fullness with implant alone? Should it be placed under or over muscle? I'm fully aware I would not have upper pole fullness and that's fine.

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As long as you're aware...

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As long as you're aware of what the appearance of your breasts will be with implants alone: namely, a lower drooping breast, little to no upper breast fullness, more sagging and stretching over time. THEN an implant alone is a good option for you. The textbook answer is for implants and a lift or a breast lift. BUT it's your body. Just find someone who can explain this to you and be honest, and you'll be all set to achieve your goals. I generally recommend under the muscle due to a lower risk of capsular contracture.


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Hi.  I don't believe you would get a good result from an implant alone.  From your photos it looks like you have adequate volume and I would likely recommend a minimal scar lift alone. If you want an implant I would still recommend a lift as well.  It is not just the low nipple that is the problem it is also the loose skin in your lower pole.



Wanting implants but not a breast lift?

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Hello, based on the photo I'm not sure if you have grade I or II ptosis.  In cases where there is modest sagging, some people will be happy with implants alone.  Two options to help improve nipple perkiness are inserting the implants above the muscle or just partly covered by muscle (called a "dual plane" pocket).  Your surgeon will be able to discuss these options in more detail.

Breast fullness without a lift

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I think your request is very reasonable and I do think you will achieve the fullness you desire with an implant and no lift.

The implant will restore the volume you have lost and as long as your are comfortable with the height of the nipple, a lift can be avoided.  The location and type of plant will be a personal preference for each surgeon and patient, but I would suspect my plan would be a round silicone implant placed dual plane under the muscle.

I hope that helps but the real answer will be to fully assess the best options at a consultation,

All the best

Jeremy Hunt

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