Tummy tuck Q No Diastasis. Can you recommend a doctor in Victoria Australia?

Hi, So aparantly I do not have any diastasis. Lucky me, I can still see muscle tone in my upper abs. I have extensive stretch marks and some stubborn abdominal fat from around and just slightly above my belly button all the way to the pubis and below. I want to find the BEST doc for surgery. Does anyone do nerve blockers or drainless tummy tucks in VIc? I may only need a mini tuck ? who knows. Im just ready to procede now that I know for sure that I wont have more kids.

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Only an in person consultation can determine which type of abdominoplasty surgery is best for you. I do nerve blocks at the end of the procedure and I use drains to remove any excess fluid after surgery.  They usually stay in 2 days. Liposuction to the love handle +/- pubic region is included.



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