What causes tuberous breasts? What can be done to avoid double bubble? Does the profile and size contribute in any way?

Hi all, So I went for my consultation with my surgeon for an augmentation on Tuesday, and he told me I have aysmetrical tuberous breasts. He made it clear that it's a strong possibility I will get a double bubble, not sure if he was just giving worse case scenario but I'm only 25 and have no children so he wasn't 100% keen on a lift as yet. The photos I was shown in his clinic didn't look as bad as some of the double bubbles I've seen on here, so now I am freaking out. I am petite/athletic 5'1" 132lbs

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Double bubble

Thanks for sharing your story and images.
to minimise your risk of DB I would definitely recommend a breast lift of some form with an implant, especially considering your level of ptosis.

A straight forward breast augmentation is too risky.
I hope this helps 

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What causes tuberous breasts? What can be done to avoid double bubble? Does the profile and size contribute in any way? Perth

Thank you for your question and images. Tuberous breasts are much more common than one might imagine and because the presentation of the condition is so varied there many women do not realise they have a minor form of tuberous breast. Essentially during puberty there is restriction of growth of the breast bud or immature breast gland. This restriction limits the outward growth of the breast gland producing a more tuberous or pointy breast. The reason why there is a higher risk of a double bubble is due to the tight bands around the lower pole of the breast. A breast implant will round out the inferior pole but the tight bands act to limit this expansion and increase the risk of a double bubble. Your surgeon will attempt to break all these banks during the procedure but they can be difficult to completely remove and may return over time. The nipple may be asymmetrical between the sides and often the areolar is weak and tends to bulge. The incisions around the nipple help control these elements. The choice of whether to have the surgery or not is one you need to make yourself. Consider how much your breasts bother you now and what you are willing to risk to achieve an improved breast shape. I hope that helps. Good luck.
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