If you have had trichotillomania and your eyelashes on one side are longer and thicker, will they grow back evenly over time?

Thanks for answering my last question, this is just a follow up to finalize my problem. If my bottom eyelashes on one side are thicker, longer, and higher in volume will they over time return to their natural state, seeming as if nothing happened? Is there anything I can do i.e. touching/combing that will prevent this from happening? Should I just leave them alone?

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Eyelash trichotillomania

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There is no doubt that leaving them alone is the best option as you have stated. If your pulling has been going on many months or many years, then you might not get full regrowth. However, if you have just been pulling a few weeks then yes, they will grow back. Repeated pulling creates inflammation and scarring and this destroys hair follicle stem cells and prevents new growth from returning.

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