First time Juver. Very puffy cheeks creating under eye hollows, blotchy looking lips. 2 days post injection. (photos)

2 days ago I received Juve in my upper/lower lips, my cheeks and a tiny bit in my parenthesis lines. 1 syringe between both cheeks and parenthesis. .6 in lips. Juvederm Ultra Plus. Lips have whiteish areas? The cheek area on sides of my nose is really puffy and it has created a ridge of puffy skin between my "dark circle" area and my cheek. Will this subside? I'm a bit afraid of having anything dissolved as I fear it will make me look uneven or worse than I did before I even had the injections.

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Swelling and asymmetry can be a side effect of injections and can last up to 2 weeks.

Swelling and asymmetry can be a side effect of injections and can last up to 2 weeks. If you are concerned it is always beneficial to schedule a follow up with your injector to discuss your concerns. 


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Two days is pretty early to predict final results.

Although I know that one of the primary selling points of fillers like JUVÉDERM® is that they all boast “zero” downtime, the truth is that every procedure takes some initial adjustments, even if they’re very minor. Without any “before” photos, it’s hard to make an objective comparison, but I don’t think there’s anything irregular that stands out about the photos you did post. Some swelling and puffiness is a normal reaction to any injection, and the blotchiness in your lips is likely mild bruising that will fade with time. I would say to wait at least a week before considering getting the injections dissolved.

Swelling Post Filler Treatment

Your practitioner has used a conservative amount of product from what I can see. Swelling generally peaks within the first 2-3 days after the procedure and take as long as 2 weeks to fully resolve. 

Filler in cheeks and swelling can create a 'shelf' type of drop off around the under eye area. I still feel that you are early in your recovery and the filler will continue to settle over time. In the meantime, contact your provider about your concerns so that they are aware. First time filler injections is a new experience and recovery is individualized for each person. 

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