Is there something wrong with my eyes or my eye lids? (Photo)

I'm 16 and since is was about 13 my eyes have been starting to look really weird, and I know all faces are asymmetric but in photos I stand out a lot and it's very embarrassing.

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Is there something wrong with my eyes or my eye lids?

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Hello cronny7.
The density of you eyebrows differs slightly on both sides, but as you have already correctly written, an asymmetrical face is common. We also know that a slight asymmetry makes the face appear interesting, whereas a complete symmetry makes it look boring. Thus you should not have anything changed on your eyebrows. You also have a moderate slackness of the skin of the upper eyelid. The upper eyelids can be cosmetically improved by eliminating excess skin from the eyelid(s) – blepharoplasty procedure.

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