10 day post op of tear drop implants, is it ok to use band? Does it look like it have shifted? (photos)

lots of review re:tear drop implants(not recommended as they tend to shift) i am a bit worried as in 10 more days i am going back to australia for good.nurse gave a band to wear my right breast is still quite high,she wore diagonally for me.is this ok?will it affect the shape of my breast or cause the tear drop implants to shift?he said no massaging as it would make it shift.i had sig. asymmetry pre BA and i really don't want the same thing even after post BA,left 195cc,right295cc

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Use of pole wraps after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  Although your left teardrop implant is high do not see evidence that it is malpositioned based on your photograph.  However examination by your plastic surgeon is important and you should insist on seeing the plastic surgeon and not to nurse.

Pole wraps are frequently used to help the implants drop and I do not believe that the pole wrap will displace your teardrop implant to one side or the other at this point.  However please see your plastic surgeon for an examination and opinion

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