What sort of result will I get if I take my implants out without lift? I was an A cup prior to implants (Photos)

I had my original implants done in 1998. The left side went hard and I had to have a capsulotomy 6 months later. It went hard again and was distorted. Had another capsulotomy 6 months later and much softer, but still sat higher and firmer than right breast. 2 years ago, the right side ruptured so I had them both replaced. 2 months after the left breast became as hard as a rock. I want to just get them taken out. Will they look ok?

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Breast implant removal - with or without a lift?

Thank you for asking about your breast implant removal.
  • I am so sorry you have been through so much with your breast implants.
  • It is hard to predict because breast size can change over eighteen years -
  • But in general, implants willl have flattened the breast tissue you have -
  • Removing the implants, removing any abnormal capsule and doing a small breast lift will give your breasts a pretty shape.
  • You can consider having fat transfers after implant removal, if you decide they are not full enough.
  • Every woman is shocked by how small she is once implants are removed -
  • But so far, all of my patients have adapted to their new size and none have wants implants again.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FAC

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Results from implant removal

In general I would recommend a simple removal of implants done through an inframammary crease incision and not doing anything else at the time. However, you might have capsule that is thickened enough to require a least a partial capsule removal in order to allow the breast to settle out evenly. This is a judgment call on the part of the surgeon at the time. I would not do anything else, particularly not a lift, until you see what the result is with the implants out. In general, if the implants did not distort your tissues and there is no significant aging, weight changes, or loss of tissue tone, breasts should look like before the implant pillow was put behind them. However, at least your left breast was distorted by the capsule contracture and procedures to correct it so it is harder to predict/control the look after implant removal. I would still try to keep it simple and see how things look before considering additional breast procedures though.

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