Is it possible for my smile to become bigger just with invisalign? (Photos)

Hi there, I'm after some advice on what I can do to widen my smile. I saw a doctor recommending arch expansion with invisalign but when I spoke to an orthodontist he said that you usually only use arch expanding when you're a child. In my photos my smile is very narrow and small and makes my cheeks bunch up. I'm going to be looking into invisalign anyway to straighten my teeth again but I want to know if I will get much of a "widening" result or if the structure of my jaw/chin won't allow it.

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Widen your smile

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Hello edrumm,
Yes, you can use Invisalign to widen the smile or that is to expand the upper teeth or arch. This is different than expanding your jaw, which is sounds like what the orthodontist was referring to.
Best of luck!

Las Vegas Dentist


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The orthodontist is incorrect. I have utilized Invisalign to treat multiple adult cases who had narrow arches and dark buccal corridors.  I have successfully broadened their smiles much the way that you're hoping to do and made them very happy.This is very doable if you seek treatment from a dentist or orthodontist who is highly experienced with Invisalign. Invisalign is merely a means of straightening teeth. You will get a different result with each dentist who uses it. So it is wise to check experience and fully discuss your desires with a dentist or orthodontist who has the proper experience to treat your case. I always show before and after photographs of my cases to anyone considering treatment so that they may see results I have achieved.
Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas,  Texas area

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