Will I be able to eventually sleep on my stomach with 445cc UHP implants?

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Sleeping on stomach after breast augmentation

Providing you don't develop excessive capsular contracture with its attendant firmness you should typically feel comfortable lying on your breasts/implants within a month, at least for short periods or time. Eventually there should be no difference than before your surgery. Some specific issues may come up where a surgeon may ask patients to avoid certain positions but if this was an issue your surgeon will have mentioned it to you. Hope you feel well soon. Best of Luck    Dr Harrell

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Sleeping on stomach after implants

You should be able to sleep on your stomach eventually.  Just be sure to follow your sugeon's advice as to when you can start sleeping on your stomach.  I usually let my patients do it around 6 weeks post-op.  You may find that using pillows to help support your body will help as well.  Good luck and sweet dreams :)

Maida Parkins, MD
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Thanks for the question.  Once your initial healing has occurred you should be able to lay on your stomach.  You will need to ask your surgeon what time frame they are comfortable.  You may find it somewhat uncomfortable at first but over time it may be just fine.  

Good Luck

Brian Arslanian, MD
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Sleeping on front


I advise my patients to wait at least 6 weeks post op before applying direct pressure to the breasts. After that time period it is largely a matter of personal comfort as the breasts can still feel sensitive. I recommend that you discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon.

All the best 

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Sleeping on stomach after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. We recommend that you wait 6 weeks before sleeping on your stomach. However, I would recommend speaking to your plastic surgeon for more information. 

All the best, 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Breast augmentation

Eventually most patients can sleep in whatever position they prefer. It may take several months before you're comfortable sleeping on your stomach but it should be possible. I would discuss this with your surgeon. There is also some evidence that women who sleep on their stomach with implants tend to push the implants down further over time. This may be important if you want to keep the implants higher Long term.Good luck!

Mark T. Boschert, MD
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Sleeping on your stomach

Thank you for the question. This question
is best answered by your surgeon. We have different procedures in
handling post operation treatment.  It could take a few weeks to months for you to be able to sleep on your stomach comfortably.  So best to follow up with your
board-certified plastic surgeon and follow his/her recommendations.Best of luck. Dr. Michael Omidi.

An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic
surgeon is the best way to assess your needs and provide true medical advice.

Michael M. Omidi, MD, FACS
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Sleeping on stomach after breast augmentation surgery

Thank you for your question.

You will likely be able to comfortably sleep on your stomach after a few months. It takes a few months for the capsule to fully form after breast augmentation surgery. If you feel discomfort or pain, don't rest on your stomach and discuss with your surgeon.

I hope this helps.

- Dr. Bryson Richards (Board Certified Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

Bryson G. Richards, MD
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