Skin on nose makes me looks like a heavy drinker. WCFields come to mind!! (photos)

I know I have sun damage. I do have a sensitivity to stimulants but nothing that stops me drinking coffee or consuming spicy food. However the skin on my nose looks so delicate I'm scared to do anything to it in case it gets worse. I currently use .05% Tretinoin on my face but not my nose as it always seems to be 'active'. I am 54

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Although you do have a bit of background sun damage, I suspect that you may have rosacea which would explain why your skin is more reactive to certain substances. And I hate to break it to you, but coffee and spicy foods are just a couple of the known triggers of rosacea. Many patients complain of a stinging or burning sensation to a variety of topical medications, and I do find that tretinoin tends to be too harsh for my rosacea patients, in addition to the increased risk of developing redness or telangiectasias. I recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist for treatment and optimization of your skin care regimen. 

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