Can this skin graft be repaired from a Microcystic Adnexal Tumour on right cheek? (Photos)

How long should I wait for repair work? What options do I have for repair job & how long before recovery? The tumor taken was 8cm X 7.5 cm. I have had radiation treatments in the area 4 months ago. Will my face look normal again?

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Facial scars / laser treatments

I have researched and lectured on this topic. In my hands the best treatment would be to start with laser. Specifically a fractional ablative laser such as the 10,600 nm CO2 laser or the 2,940 nm Erb:Yag laser. For the vascularity you will need a lower wavelength laser such as the PDL ~ 590 nm. These are both ablative lasers. This will take multiple treatments in this area. At least 8 more likely 10. 

It is key to see a surgeon for consultation to delineate which tissue planes are involved. Sometimes I resect the lesion and start over. Meaning possibly a new skin graft. With the history of radiation I would wait until the 6 month of the last treatment to get started. This needs to be essentially treated as a burn scar. 

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