Silimed Implant confusion, are they safe to use?

I am booked to get implants done in 1 month. My doctor told me they use silimed implants. (Over seas) In Australia they put a hold on usage . Are they safe to use.

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Hi Nearly50

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If your overseas surgeon is using implants that have been placed on hold by the rest of the world, what does that tell you about this surgeon's credibility & dedication to safety?

Good Luck

Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Silimed Implants and overseas surgery

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Hello and thank you for your question.

In Australia we have strict guidelines that help keep your professionals professional. And our Specialists, including Plastic Surgeons fall under these. So too do the products used here. Did you know we have the TGA(Therapeutic Goods Association), which is designed to verify and authenticate products, and medical products like implants, fall into this. It's similar to the FDA in the US. Australia's TGA is widely recognised as having strict guidelines designed to safeguard our nation.

All of these measures are designed to keep up the very high standards we are known for in Australia. And our Plastic Surgery Specialists have superb reputations throughout the world. Our hospitals are subject to similar strict guidelines. As are our anaesthetists and other medical specialists.

Australian Plastic Surgeons have many years of training to enable them to become Specialists. They provide preoperative, operative, and postoperative continuity of treatment for each and every patient. In my practice, part of my consult with you my patient, involves educating you about risks and possible complications, about the quality of products used and about expected postoperative management, amongst other things.

I assume you are having your surgery overseas, as these implants are not available in Australia due to company and product safety concerns that were widely publicised worldwide. Your hospital, doctor, anaesthetist, products used(including implants, amongst other things) overseas fall outside our guidelines and safety protocols and procedures here in Australia.

I hope this has been of value for you.

Silimed implants

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Hi.  You are correct that they have been suspended from supplying the australian market and that suspension has not been lifted. You can tead more in the link. Overseas surgery has many risks and downsides and cheap low quality implants is one of them. I would reconsider. 



Polyurethane breast implants

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Hi there

The Silimed polyurethane implants (P(ure) implants) were withdrawn from the TGA approved list some time ago because of concerns raised in Europe about their manufacturing process.  However, there is no evidence that there are any issues with their safety.  Perhaps a greater concern is that you are having your surgery overseas.  Make sure your surgeon is a fully qualified Plastic and Revonstructive surgeon and a member of ISAPS.


Dr Mark Hanikeri MBBS,FRACS

Perth Specialist Plastic Surgeon

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