Seroma 5 months after breast reduction.

I had a breast reduction 5 months ago, and have developed very painful breasts about 1 month ago (4 months post op). I had an ultrasound done, which revealed several inferior seromas. Is this normal to turn up 5 months after surgery. What can be done about them. My plastic surgeon is not responding to me requests for an appointment.

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Very rare but it can happen

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this is very very rare but can happen.  You may want to see if you can drain them with a needle under ultrasound guidance or have a plastic surgeon do it surgically.  One needs to see and assess which of the approaches would be best for you.

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Seroma after breast reduction is uncommon.

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Seroma after breast reduction is fairly uncommon but is easily treated in the office with aspiration.

Seroma 5 months out from breast reduction

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Seromas are not as common after breast reductions as after tummy tucks or breast reconstructions because the tissue fills the space in better in a reduction. Did your plastic surgeon order the ultrasound? An ultrasound is not 100% reliable for finding fluid in a post-op breast reduction. Since you don't have a fever, I think it would be ok to watch things for 4-6 wks and then repeat the ultrasound. It is possible for the mammographers to aspirate seromas using ultrasound guidance if they are still present. I think this will eventually go away. I would wear some type of supportive bra.

Karen Quigley, MD
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I'm sorry you're having a tough time of it. Seromas are very common after some surgeries...breast reduction generally not being one of them...and are usually relatively painless. So I am not sure you really have clear picture about what is going on at this stage, and you may find that you just need more time to heal rather than any specific intervention. It seems unusual that you cannot get in to see your surgeon, who I presume was the doctor who ordered the ultrasound? I would make it quite clear to your surgeon's staff that you have a concern and would like an appointment within a week, and if that gets you nowhere, ask your GP for a referral for a second opinion. Best wishes.

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