What rosacea and scarring treatments are available, other than laser?

Hi I have two small box scars that are on the middle of my cheek and I also suffer from mild rosacea. I would like have them treated though not comfortable treating them with laser. What treatments are available and is it possible to have them treated with derma pen or prp.

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Treatment options for mild rosacea and boxcar facial scars

There are good options for boxcar scars without laser. Depending on the diameter of the scar, either Punch excision or punch grafting would be considered, and either one can be performed with only local anesthesia. If the Rosacea is not pronounced, topical agents can be offered by your dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or licensed esthetician. IPL (photofacial) or vascular lasers are non ablative treatments and work best for visible redness and vessels. These are quite safe in experienced hands.

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