Will the rippling disappear when the alloderm is fully incorporated?

I had a revision breast augmentation 9 weeks ago to fix rippling. The rippling was on the outer sides of my breasts. The implants were 350cc round silicone gel and placed under the muscle. I now have 330cc anatomical silicone gel implants and alloderm. The rippling on the outer sides is nearly gone but I now have rippling on the inner cleavage especially where the muscle ends.

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Will the rippling disappear when the alloderm is fully incorporated?

If the rippling is currently present, its not likely to improve with time.  The textured surface implant is more likely to result in this issue.  Additional soft tissue reinforcement, either with Alloderm or Strattice (which would be more cost efficient) are potential solutions depending on how much of an issue this is for you.

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Will the rippling disappear when the alloderm is fully incorporated?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast surgery. Depending on your level of concern regarding the breast implant rippling medially, it is possible that additional  surgery,  involving use of additional dermal matrix will be necessary.  Best wishes.


Rippling may very well be due to texturing of the implant surface, which is common with many anatomical implants.  I would discuss this with your surgeon.  Options may include switching to smooth implants, fat grafting, or possibly additional allografting to provide thicker coverage.

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Time will tell

If you are now developing medial pole rippling that is new you should discuss it with your surgeon. It suggests the tissues beneath the implants are thin and will need reinforcement like the other area recently corrected. Additionally high profile implants are less likely to produce this problem. 

Richard Zienowicz, MD
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