I'm 2 weeks post op. My tip is huge and my nostrils are showing too much. Will they go down? (Photo)

I am about 15 days post op of my rhinoplasty and my tip still looks so large, my columella is hanging and my nostrils show way too much. Over all my nose looks upturned and pig like with really large nostrils! I am so horrified :( i don't even want to leave my house. Will my nose drop? And will the appearance of the nostrils as well as the columella decrease? I really like my doctor and he's so lovely but I really don't want to have to go with a revision, do you think I may need one? :( help!:(

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2 weeks post op

Share your concerns with your surgeon however understand that it takes 6-9 months for the nose to completely heal following surgery. It's important to reserve judgement until the majority of the swelling has resolved.

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