Revision to go bigger. Should I expect to pay the same amount again? My first BA cost 11,000.

Hi I am planning to talk to my ps at my six month post op appointment about going bigger to give me a bit more cleavage. Should I expect to pay the same amount again as my first ba cost 11,000 all up and I couldn't afford to pay that much again.

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Revision to go bigger. Should I expect to pay the same?

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 Policy regarding coverage of expenses for revisionary surgery will vary from office to office and probably on a case-by-case basis as well. Costs of revisionary surgery may range from zero, to anesthesia/surgery center fees, to discounted surgeon's fees.

 Generally speaking, patients undergoing elective surgery should understand that complications may arise and that additional expenses (even if the plastic surgeon does not charge for his/her services) may be patient responsibility.  

Best wishes; hopefully you and your plastic surgeon will be able to work out a plan to achieve your goals. 

Fee for Breast Implant Revision

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Discuss the fee with your surgeon. In general, if you are going to your original breast implant surgeon, he/she will give you a break on the price. The fee will reflect the complexity of the procedure, since sometimes capsule work needs to be done, and the procedure is more complex than the original breast augmentation.

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Removal and replacement of breast implants

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Thanks for your question.  Removing and replacing your implants is a longer and more complex procedure than your original breast augmentation and in some cases an overnight stay in hospital is required. Your implants need to be carefully removed and in some cases the "pocket" where your implants are placed needs to be resized to accommodate your new implants.  Costs typically are a little more than the original procedure.

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