Reversing Juvederm lip injection. As stated in previous question, I had a Juvederm lip injection about 4 wks ago...

I'm considering Hylauronidase as results aren't what I wanted. Is it possible to partially reverse augmentation so that my lips stay bigger than they are naturally but not as big as they are now? What are risks of Hylauronidase procedure (eg potential uneven reversal, dissolving natural acid in lips instead of product (& if this happens, how long until natural acid returns?))? Is it easy/straightforward procedure?
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Yes, Partial Reversal is Possible.

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Partially reversing Juvederm with Hyaluronidase is pretty straightforward and I do it often, but Hyaluronidase is a little unpredictable. It is hard to tell ahead of time how much of the hyaluronic acid will be dissolved by the enzyme. This is why I recommend conservative use of Hyaluronidase. I inject a little at a time and that usually does the trick. It works quickly, usually within 24 hours, although I like to give it 5 days before judging the result. Slight asymmetry is possible, but this is easily correctable either with more enzyme or with a touch more filler. 
Your body produces native hyaluronic acid all the time. Any of your native HA that gets dissolved by the filler will be replaced by your body within a few hours. Over many years of using the enzyme I have never seen it noticeably dissolve native HA.

Hylase from Oz

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Greetings from Down Under- yes Hyaluronidase will work- in Oz we call this Hylase. The risks are minimal, especially if you have filler only in the lip area. Bruising, swelling, this usually settles in 1-2 days at most- once again depending on the volume of filler. 

The problem is that Hylase works so well that it may dissolve too much of the filler, so my best advice is to see someone who performed the Hylase procedure, then give it a week to settle, then redo your lips- conservatively. The procedure itself takes 2-3 minutes, and is very straight forward.

All the best,

Dr Davin Lim
Laser, surgical and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

Juvederm in lips

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Hyaluronidase injections will indeed dissolve the Juvederm in your lips. The process is quit complete, however some lumpiness may persist for a few months. The lips are very vascular, so the enhancement without any hyaluronidase lasts 6-9 months anyway; however, in some people it lasts 1-2 years. The procedure is a simple injection and very easy to do.

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