Restylane 10 days ago. What is this mark? Is it a bruise from restylane? How long for it to go? (Photo)

Hi. I got restylane injections 10 days ago on my nose and lips. I now have a dark mark on the side of my nose above where the injection was (not where the filler is, just above it on the bone) I am not sure if it is a bruise but I assume it is. The color looks red/brown/pink and was slightly purple bruise colored a few days ago. I have asked this question before but my photos were not clear.

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It looks as though there is a dilated vascular complex within a bruise.

Perhaps a small vessel was nicked, and the filler deposited is also pushing on or blocking a small vein.

Has it improved? Please see your physician.

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This appears to be a bruise.

This appears to be a bruise. Bruising is a common side effect from injectable rhinoplasty and typically takes 2 weeks to resolve. 

You can apply traumeel cream to the are to assist healing. If the area become increasingly sore or redend schedule a follow up with your injector to be assessed. 

All the Best. 

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Should resolve with time

within another week or so the bruise should go away.this can happen with this seller since it prevents your platelets from clotting. I wonder if you were also taking vitamin E or any other drug such as Advil that prevents your blood from clotting. Try to avoid any medicines like that now and be patient. Makeup may 

Vicki J. Levine, MD
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Is this a bruise after filler

If the color is resolving then most likely it is a bruise. Bruising can last for up to 2 weeks, but really can last longer in thin-skinned areas like the nose. If you have any concerns or pain or throbbing, make an appointment to see your injector.

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