Relieving the sensation of air bubbles around my breast implant when I move!!?!

I am 6 days post op, and I am literally crying because the sensation of what I imagine is air or fluid is pushing around my implant when I move is so yucky. You know how there are some things people just can't rationally stand the feel or sound off? I have found mine. Please tell me there is something I can do other than just wait it out?? I can't seem to take my mind off it! (They are over the muscle, teardrop silicone. Everything else seems great - no new or unusual swelling or bruising.)

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Air bubbles

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Good question and sorry that you are uncomfortable.  Likely what you are feeling is antibiotic solution.  This will resolve.  Be sure to follow instructions from your surgeon.  Your surgical bra may be of some help.  Best of luck.


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Early on, you may have some antibiotic solution inside to minimize the risk of infection, and some air from surgery. Both will slowly absorb over the next few weeks. Focus on your new look.

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