What can I do to reduce the blood bruises on my back?Sleep on tummy instead (also a treated area)? Ice? Heat? Pillow? (photo)

I had lipo on Mon & I was supposed to have my stomach, upper hips, upper arms, thighs & back done. (arms & back weren't done - assuming due to excessive bleeding but they haven't told me still & when I mentioned it post op they said they'd get back to me -grr) So I've been sleeping on my back (as advised to avoid creases to stomach) I noticed these huge blood coloured bruises on my back, the front is just normal bruises. When I wake up after sleeping on my back I'm also in a lot of pain.

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Liposuction - what to do for painful bruising

Thank you for asking about your liposuction bruising.
  • You truly need to contact your surgeon for directions.
  • The bruising may be blood that settled from the liposuction of your stomach -
  • But it is possible they tried to liposuction the back and ran into a problem.
  • This will go away by itself -
  • Control of the pain is very important - your surgeon needs to help you get the pain under control.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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What can I do to reduce the blood bruises on my back?Sleep on tummy instead (also a treated area)? Ice? Heat? Pillow? (photo)

Looks like that is painful. It's difficult to say without being fully aware of your surgical case. There really isn't any way to speed up bruising. Supplements like Arnica Montana can help your body with trauma and bruising more efficiently, but not overnight.I recommend you book an appointment to see your surgeon if you are in a lot of pain, as well as this type of bruising in an area that did not have liposuction. When in doubt, always make an appointment to be seen. I can't speak with authority for what's expected in Australia. However, a surgeon should always be aware of this type of concern and symptoms and your pain should be addressed.Good luck!

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