Should I pull out the nylon which is sticking out of my nipple? (Photos)

I am Po 18 days. Nipples look great after breast augmentation plus nipple lift, but today while I was bio oiling, my finger ran over a piece of sharp, clear nylon sticking out of the right boob areola. It's only 1mm long. I tried to pull it out with tweezers but it hurt and blood came out. What should I do????

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Pulling Out Your Own Sutures is Never a Good Idea

The best thing to do is to contact your surgeon and make an appointment.  Using your own tweezers or fingernails could introduce bacteria into the wound and implant pocket causing an infection.  Also, the suture may be a permanent internal suture used to hold the shape of the areola lift.  It is always best to discuss any such concerns with your surgeon.  

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Should I pull out the nylon which is sticking out of my nipple?

You should contact your Surgeon for advice.
It is unlikely to be NYLON ( which does not dissolve). It is more likely a clear suture that dissolves over 3 months. Pulling it out is not advisable. I recommend you cut the suture that is sticking out ( the bit you felt).

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I suggest you see your PS to ask them what you should do.  Only they know the importance of that stitch and how it should be managed.  


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