Someone on Real Self posted they felt knots underneath cellulaze incision points. What do you suggest against this? (photo)

thanks for prior respose regarding cellulaze vs cellfina. A few more Qs. Someone on Real Self posted they felt knots underneath cellulaze incision points. What do you suggest against this?? I also want a little skin tightening? What would you suggest? You mentioned Cellfina is great for dimpling. How does Cellfina work on horizontal standa (photos attached) Does Cellfina work on the belly.?

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Cellfina results

Cellfina is THE ONLY FDA cleared treatment for long term elimination of cellulite! It does not help with skin tightening however, so you'll need to address that after your procedure if that is something you're concerned about as well. As for the "knots" people are posting about: this is most likely the fibrous nodules that can harden after the bands have been severed. A small amount of scar tissue may form as well. Compression is important after Cellfina to minimize swelling. Warm compress and light massage daily can help these bumps to resolve faster, and will also settle any discomfort. Cellfina is only FDA cleared for treatment ton the posterior upper 2/3 thighs, and buttocks, not yet for stomach. 
I hope this helps, be well. #cellfina #cellulitereduction #bellyfat

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Cellfina works well for the classic dimples characteristic of cellulite. It will not work as well for horizontal strands. Liposuction and skin tightening are needed for the other areas you show. The knots under the skin after Cellfina treatment are caused by the inflammation associated with the procedure. They soften and go away over time.

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Cellfina Versus Celluaze

your stomach needs good traditional VASER hi def liposuction that will make everything better.  The buttock and legs are tough, cellfina will improve but nothing will give you 100 % improvement.  Adding sculptra would be good as well.  Dr. Emer.

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