Will pimples cause capsular contracture?

Hi, I have been getting pimples on my chest 10 months after breast aug. I know this might be a silly question but because capsular con might be started from bacteria, could a pimple cause it if it's located near the implant. I have just been a little anxious since I have been picking at them. Thanks for all your help :)

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Capsular contracture

Pimples have not been a direct cause of contracture of the breast. Consider seeing a dermatologist at your earliest convenience to get control of your acne before it ruins your beautiful chest. good luck...

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Pimples and capsular contracture

Although bacteria at the time of surgery might be associated with capsular contraction, there has never been any report or scientific evidence that there is any association of skin bacteria well after surgery with the development of capsular contraction. No worries. Seeing a dermatologist to assist you with your acne care is all that is needed. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths." Hope this reassures you and good luck.

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The most popular theory on the cause of capsular contracture is related to bacterial contamination (typically Staph Epidermidis) through translocation from the breast or from transient bacteremia (bacteria in the blood stream).  Unless there was a significant infection related to acne, I would think the risks are very small in regards to the above but good skin care and avoidance of manipulating the area will help control the acne and prevent scarring. 

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Will pimples cause capsular contracture?

Dear Kama

Although micro bacterial seeding of the implant pocket is one potential risk factor in the development of capsular contracture, I wouldn't be too concerned about your pimple.

Your pimple is likely located below several layers of tissue and possibly even below muscle (depending upon your pocket) out of harms way :) 

Should you be getting your teeth cleaned in the near future some dentists will prophylax you with antibiotics to prevent bacteria from reaching the implants via the blood stream however most believe even this to be excessive.

Should your surgeon have performed a no touch technique, irrigated your pocket well and you now performing post operative massage you are doing everything you can do alongside with enjoying them.

Congratulations on your surgery,

Warm Regards,
Dr Quinton Chivers

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Skin infection and capsular contracture

A few months after a breast augmentation the capsule has formed around the implant and acts a barrier between the surrounding tissue/ skin and the implant.  A small superficial infection is unlikely to breach this barrier.  A significant infection that involves the surrounding tissue could involve the capsule and possibly the implant.  To be safe, the best idea would be to avoid inflaming or irritating any nearby infections by pimple popping.

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Acne/ Capsular Contracture


Thank you for your question. Your acne issues are near the skin surface and far from having any communication with the breast implants. Careful technique during surgery and post op is the best prevention for capsular contracture.

All the best

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About Capsular Contraction

Capsular Contraction is the #scar tissue that forms around the #implant is a natural response to a foreign object implanted in the body. The capsule can tighten and squeeze the implant making it firm. This is referred to as capsular contracture. This firmness (breast capsule) can range from slight to very hard. The firmest ones can cause varying degrees of discomfort or pain. #CapsularContracture can occur in one breast or both.

Those experiencing this are candidates for Breast Revision Surgery. An implant revision or exchange intends to replace the damaged implants with new silicone or saline filled implants with newer technology. Secondary breast surgery can be complex and needs to be done by an experienced plastic surgeon. The specific procedure to be performed will depend on the complications experienced and the condition of the implants.

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