What are my options? Revision required 7 months after lift with aug over muscle. Left has bottomed out & horrible result (Photo)

I had a breast lift with 225Hp anatomical mentors ov muscle. I didnt want them over. My left implant has bottomed out, my breasts are too heavy and saggy on me and they are no where near what I wanted . My surgeon insists that my skin was 'simply stretchy' however i can tell this is his error. What are my options now? I am consulting another surgeon for a revision ASAP. I don't want them this big, can I replace them under the muscle for a smaller implant and another full lift?i wanted cleavage.

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Lift with under muscle implants works well

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Hi, I have attached a link that may be helpful...

Hi Renee'L. Thanks for sharing your photos. While an in person examination is required to know for sure, you appear to be a candidate for repeat lift and placement under the muscle. Higher profile implants, (may have to switch to gel) will help increase cleavage, without increasing volume. Be sure to look at B&A photos and talk to previous patients before choosing your surgeon. best wishes,

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