What would be my options for reducing the pointy nose and pointy chin? (Photo)

I've always been worried about my chin and nose. What surgical options (or non surgical) could you suggest to make the Chin and nose less prominent? Thank you

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Rhinoplasty and genioplasty

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Hi,I feel that the key to success for rhinoplasty is balance and harmony, and this means the nose matched the height and width and projection of the face.  Given this, the chin is a key feature, and in about 10% of rhinoplasties i will perform a genioplasty to reposition the chin.  this may be the chin comes forward or back, but it is designed to balance with the nose - again harmony is key, between the middle third and lower third of the face.Jeremy Hunt 


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Hi.  This is a difficult question.  There is no doubt that a rhinoplasty is the answer if you don't like the aesthetics of your nose and there are no non-surgical solutions.  The chin is more nebulous.  Firstly I would not do anything with your chin as the overall balance of your face will change after the rhinoplasty.  For instance it is very common to do chin augmentation with rhinoplasty to better balance the face. If you did want something done for the chin then a setback genioplasty or chin reduction would be the surgical technique.  Sometimes lip augmentation with fillers can change the balance and this could be considered as a non-surgical option.RegardsDamien

Pointy nose

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I don't believe there are any non surgical options.As far as surgery goes...Reducing the subtle hump, reducing dorsal and rip projection, and reducing alar retraction will all restore balance to you nose and make the tip appear less pointy.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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