Why didn't my nose turn out as promised after my first rhinoplasty? Is it easy to fix?

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty over 4 months ago with an experienced surgeon. I'm disappointed with the results. My nose doesn't look anything like the imagining - it is shorter, upturned and does not have a nice slope. The tip seems a bit overprojected and nostrils are long. What needs to be done during the revision? Why didn't I get the result I asked for the first time? I'm disheartened as I paid top dollar to avoid needing a revision. Thank you

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Hi! First, you need to be patient. You are relatively early in your recovery, and the shape should improve with time. Second, from the limited views you have shared, I think you have beautiful results!

Remember, improvement, not perfection needs to be your goal with any cosmetic surgery. Your nose is very much improved, and looks very natural. Sometimes it is very difficult to manage the emotions surrounding even successful surgery. Think positively, be patient and be grateful for your excellent results!

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