To me my nostrils and the angle of my nose looks too short - Is a nose job possible for me? (photo)

I feel like it just looks short for my face and my nostrils are angled up too high. Is the tip able to be made longer? I don't think I have a hump but I would like it to be less 'straight'. I feel like it looks too triangular in shape.

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Lengthening the nose

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The technique to correct a short nose is called a septal extension graft.
Prior to the planning and the procedure a digital imaging session with your surgeon is essential.

This will aid in the design of the operation and will allow the surgeon after examination of your nasal structues to explain the procedure with you.
A highly trained experienced surgeon is required as the operation is more complex then the dorsal hump removal.

Nose angle

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Your nose is not that short that is warrants surgery to lengthen it. Just because there is a procedure in the books to lengthen a nose, does not mean that it is suitable for you. Its just not a reliable procedure.
. Most of the problem with your nose is the high dorsum and a tip that does not project above the dorsal line.
Since there is no front view, I cannot comment about your tip cartilages. The most projecting point on your profile is the bump on your bridge. Like the model's nose, the most projecting point should be the tip.

Dennis Barek, MD (retired)
Great Neck Plastic Surgeon

Short nose

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Hi and thanks for the question. It is possible to lengthen your nose and this would require the addition of cartilage grafts to add structural support. These grafts would need to be robust enough to support your repositioned tip in a more downward and forward position as well as supporting the nostril rims so that they do not flare. The amount of work would depend on how much change in length you are looking for but to me your nose does not look too bad and a relatively modest lengthening is all that is needed. You should clarify what it is you are seeking with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who should be able to show you how you would look with the aid of a digital imaging programme. It is important to be aware that the addition of cartilage grafts to lengthen your nose will make it stiffer. This can be a bit weird particularly in intimate situations where your nose can feel like a weapon! Most people adapt to this but it can be bothersome to some. Your nose is not too bad the way it is so don't rush into surgery . It is usually best to get a couple of opinions before proceeding

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