Is it normal to see no results after 2 v beam treatments? (photo)

I have had 2 v beam treatments spaced 4 weeks apart and have seen NO improvement for my red acne scars. They fade and then flare up again...I think they have healed and then they are red raw a week later. I am so upset. Should I keep persisting? I am scared about bruising.

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Vbeam for post acne erythema (redness)

Thank you for your question.  First and foremost, I would not be too worried about redness that is left behind after acne.  The redness is not a scar. A scar is a textural change in the skin which will not go away spontaneously or without a laser other than Vbeam.  I would think of the redness as discoloration that will resolve spontaneously as long as you are not getting new acne and not picking at your skin.  So, if you are getting new acne, please consult with your dermatologist for proper treatment, and please do NOT pick at any new acne.  Should you choose not to wait 3-4 months for spontaneous resolution, the Vbeam should be able to adequately remove the redness.  IPL would also work well.  

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