New Sharp Pain 4 weeks post op.

420cc under muscle - Today I began getting a sharp pain which shoots from my sternum then along the top of my left breast. I've had no issues and very little pain since late in week 2. The pain seems to occur when I extend my left arm quickly or put pressure on it, it has become more frequent. It really hurts however only lasts a couple seconds. It makes me feel winded for a second.. like it is a shock it takes my breath away. Im not due to see my surgeon again for another 4 weeks.

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New post op pain

     You should certainly call your treating plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns.  However in my experience, the time in post period is when the patients often describe having new pain issues.  Most of the time its because they are starting to feel better and they attempt to do something the haven't done for a while, or possible shouldn't even be doing yet.  For example, have you just recently started to make the movements again?

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