Multiple lipomas; are there any non-surgical ways to treat these?

I have multiple lipoma all over my body , in my chest , back , legs , arms and one on my neck . I have done surgery and taken out from my arms at three places . Those were very large. I got this when I finished my school and started growing up . My mother side relatives got it, not my father side . I am the worst case on this situation . I have got tested it at laboratory and it is not cancerous . Is there any remedy without surgery , any medication , I think these are multiplying all over my body .

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Multiple lipomas. Are there non-surgical treatment options?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your lipoma issues.  Unfortunately the only way to treat a lipoma is through direct excision.  This minimizes the risk of recurrence and can typically be done through a small incision.  There are no pills, creams or ointments that can dissolve lipomas and liposuction can not be performed as it does not ensure complete removal.  Hope this helps.

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