One month post-op tummy tuck question about ridge on one side of incision from skin being stuck and causing tension (Photo)

At the 4 week post-op mark I visited my PS who has identified that the stitches inside under my scar are fixed and so have created tension and the 'buckle' of skin. The left side is okay; it is the right side that is bruised, tense, sore as well as having an ugly buckled 'pleat' of skin. I am not keen for a surgical procedure and want to maximise my chances of fixing the problem if I can. I am wondering if there are any tips for success or additional information that can be provided?

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I would wait and see what settles after swelling goes down and the scar matures.  You may need  a small scar revision of that area at some point, however, if you don't like the way it looks.

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