Lip fillers and scar tissue over time?

Is it preferable to have lips filled via needle or canula? And if you opt to have lip fillers once or twice a year over many years, can scar tissue (from all the needles) build up and distort the natural lip over time? Just wondering about the long term consequences before I go down this path. Thank you!

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Work with an experienced, licensed injector for optimal results.

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When it comes to getting lip fillers, what’s more important than needles vs. cannulas is the skill of your injector. You ask a good question about the possible relationship between lip injections and scar tissue, but fortunately there’s nothing to worry about. Because the needles are small and you should require no more than 2 injections a year, there’s no risk of scar tissue building up and distorting your lips. Of course, only work with an experienced, licensed injector who can carefully administer your treatment for excellent results.

Lip Fillers and Scar Tissue

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This is a very smart question. Repeated trauma can cause scar tissue - think of a diabetic who sticks his/her fingers with needles over a lifetime. However, in the case of fillers, the needle is so small, and the injections so infrequent (1-2 time a year), that it would be highly unlikely that any scar tissue of significance would occur. 

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