1 week post op Labiaplasty, I have an infection. Is it healing right? (photos)

i am 24 years old. i recently had a labiaplasty, wedge method. I had the surgery a week ago today. After the operation i was told everything went very well. Two days later i noticed a very slight discharge that was a yellowish. I was told an infection was starting, i am about 4 days in to taking the antibiotics. But today my vagina looked worst than ever. im worried that the labia isnt mending back to my body. Im also worried that the infection is getting out of control.

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Hoping that you recovered

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well and without problems... also hoping your labia swelling improved to where you ended up with a smooth, unhindered appearance that most people desire when they have this procedure.  

See your surgeon

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I recommend you see your surgeon for a better assessment of your infection. You may need something more aggressive to fight the infection.


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It looks like you are having some healing issues. You need to follow up with your surgeon regularly. The good news is this area can be very forgiving and is also corrected easily in many cases

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