Do I have an inverted V post rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hello, I had a closed rhinoplasty about a month ago. All went week however I am starting to notice that as the swellings subsides, I am beginning to get what looks like an inverted V. Is it still way to soon to tell? Thank you.

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Inverted V

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You are absolutely right .It appears that you have a classic inverted V deformity which is due to collapse of the mid cartilage part of your nose and /or failure to move the bones of the upper third inwards after removing a hump. This will need a major revision by an open rhinoplasty and the use of spreader grafts . It can be fixed nicely in experienced hands

Inverted-V Rhinoplasty Deformity

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From your photo it does appear that you are developing an inverted V deformity. However photos can be deceptive and examination face-to-face would be the best way to assess this. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of endonasal or closed rhinoplasty is that supporting the mid fault or midsection of the nose is more difficult. This makes the occurrence of an inverted V deformity more likely. However you are only a month following your surgery and your appearance will continue to change. If the inverted V appearance persists then your options for improvement of the appearance are either further surgery or the use of cosmetic filler to disguise the inverted V shadow. Talk to your surgeon about your concerns I'm sure he'll be able to assess you properly, reassure you or intervene as appropriate. Best of luck

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